I can’t handle these sharp mood swings any longer where one second I’m happy and in a blink of an eye I feel like bursting into tears. The worst is when it lasts the whole day and it feels like the entire day has dragged on at turtle speed. There’s no reason for this depression. Yes, if you present me with a disheartening situation it’ll make me more sad but it isn’t the root of all my moments of numbness and senseless tears. When I feel depressed I change completely and want to isolate myself and sleep the day away. It’s like the ground I walk on is draining every drop of energy from my body causing me to feel useless. I’ll go to the gym when I feel I’m at my worst but it makes me feel out of place and ugly even though I know it’s not true. Mostly I will feel like I’m not enough when I get depressed. This is such a terrible feeling. I just can’t wait to get to the doctor so he can prescribe me something to fix all this bullshit.